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I can’t do much other than pray for the safe return of as many children and family members as possible and remember those who gave their lives to protect their friends and family on board the ferry.

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Your idols will still have their comeback, but not all of these people get to comeback to their families.

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I just want to take a moment.

What has happened is a tragedy and I’m so sorry for anyone who lost a family member or a loved one aboard the Ferry ship. A tragedy reminiscent of the Titanic 102 years ago. It is a horrible coincidence that both these events have occurred on the date of April 15th.

It hurts my heart because this is the day that I was born.  I went about my birthday upset because almost no one in my family told me happy birthday and it’s such a fucking small thing compared to the fact that children who had their whole life ahead of them might never even get to hear that phrase anymore.

I’m ashamed at being so selfish.
I’m sorry that this has happened to so many young people.Then and now.

My heart goes out to anyone who is missing.  Anyone who is waiting to be rescued.  Anyone who has passed on.  Anyone who may be listening from Heaven now. 

You are loved. You will remained loved.

Be strong. Hold on.

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Yixing: Polaroid Cards

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here we have dark lord wu yifan summoning satan from the depths of hell in this symbolic wiccan ritual


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Kai’s smoky eyeshadow game be strong.

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laugh loudly three times, listen to a song five timesif you sleep for five hours, it won’t be a big deal

laugh loudly three times, listen to a song five times
if you sleep for five hours, it won’t be a big deal

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hips swaying/thrusting/twirling part in “overdose

From left to right: Professional, Professional, Professional, Professional, Almost There Jongdae… and Galaxy Thrusts.

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considering starting a series called “Community out of context”

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can you hear that… that pitchy sound of Zitao screaming for his dear life?

I keep snorting at my DP…

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Hmm, it’s an okay sidebar photo for now, I’ll make a better one later

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